What do we do

Colleagues at our national office in London have done a great job in summarising what we do.

We aim to produce a history of every place in England, from the earliest times to the ever-moving now, in a consistent form including accounts of landscape and settlement, with buildings and archaeology.

Our histories include histories of landownership from Domesday Book (and earlier) to the present, economic and social histories, the history of religion and local government using original sources.  As well as our ‘Big Red Books’ (which look at a number of places), VCH Shorts (which describe individual places) and much more, we also have a smart-phone App, ‘A History of England’s Places’.

You can find out more by visiting the VCH’s national pages and, of course, browse our Derbyshire pages on this website.

If you would like to help us in Derbyshire visit our ‘Get involved’ website page.