Draft Text

On this page you will find links to draft text prepared for forthcoming Derbyshire VCH volumes.

The Trust has been working for several years on histories of the various townships which make up Chesterfield ancient parish, i.e. Chesterfield, Whittington, Brimington, Calow, Hasland, Temple Normanton, Wingerworth, Walton and Brampton.

Work has progressed sufficiently on Brampton Whittington and Newbold to mount some draft text on our website. Both these pieces will be revised before publication and we welcome comments and corrections from readers. This is very much work in progress and should not be taken as a completed account. Indeed, not all chapters are present. The text should not be cited or quoted elsewhere without first consulting the county editor, Philip Riden.

We are publishing VCH ‘spin-off’ books containing interim accounts of other researched parishes. Chesterfield Streets and Houses was published in 2019 with publication in 2022 of an account of the township of Hasland, which also includes the modern communities of Grassmoor, Birdholme, Corbriggs, Winsick, St Augustine‚Äôs and part of Boythorpe. Our next spin-off publication on Wingerworth should be available in the spring of 2023. For details of all our hard-copy publications visit our publications page.

Please let our county editor know if you have any comments on the draft text.

You can learn more about how and why we present text in the way we do by downloading the short article below.

Page last updated 13 January 2024.