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You can also view draft text for future Derbyshire VCH volumes here.

A History of Hasland

This book, using research carried out for a planned ‘big red book’ volume, was published in June 2022. It is the first authoritative account of this large parish.

Until 19th-century boundary changes, the township (later civil parish) of Hasland (near Chesterfield) included not just what people think of as Hasland today but also Corbriggs and Winsick, Grassmoor, Birdholme and the St Augustine’s end of Boythorpe. It formerly included much industry on Derby Road.

Read more about why Hasland has been chosen for our first township based VCH spin-off book in our blog.

Priced at £20, the book is of some 200 pages, A4, hardback with maps and colour plates.

The book should shortly be available to purchase locally from Waterstones in Chesterfield and the Visitor Information Centre and by post (plus £5 postage and packing) by clicking on this link for an on-line order form. It is also available from Hasland Coop.

Chesterfield Streets and Houses

By Philip Riden, Chris Leteve and Richard Sheppard

Published in 2019, using research undertaken for our planned VCH ‘big red books’ on Chesterfield, this spin-off study looks at how the individual layout of the town centre has developed and at the history of individual houses. This A4 size, 204 page, hard-backed book is illustrated with colour plates and has new maps by Richard Shepphard. Priced at £20.

This book is still in print. It was published on behalf of the Derbyshire VCH by Merton and is available via contacting the company mertonpriory@btinternet.com

Derbyshire VCH volume III

This volume was edited by Philip Riden with the assistance of Dudley Fowkes. It was published in 2013.

  • It includes the parishes of
  • Barlborough
  • Bolsover
  • Clowne
  • Elmton (and Creswell)
  • Whitwell

Of some 200 pages, the book is fully referenced and indexed, with black and white photographs and maps.

This volume is currently in print. Please contact us to purchase a copy at £60 plus postage and packing.

Derbyshire VCH Handbook

By Philip Riden

The handbook is used by our team of VCH researchers, but will of great assistance to anyone researching the history of their own parish. The text provides straightforward, step-by-step advice on how to write the history of a Derbyshire parish, including sources and tips on note-taking. Published in 2012, this is a heavily revised version of our first hand-book.

This paperback A5 publication, of 124 pages, is available from the Derbyshire Record Society, who published it as their Occasional Paper No. 9, 2012. You can view the range of Derbyshire Record Society publications and obtain them here.

Hardwick: a great house and its estate

By Philip Riden and Dudley Fowkes

The second of two books published as part of the England’s Past for Everyone project, this is an illustrated paperback of 198 pages.

This book looks not only at the history of the Old and New Hardwick Halls but also the wider estate and the changing fortunes of the Cavendish family. The growth and eventual decline of the coal mining industry on the area are also covered.

This book was published in 2009 by Phillimore & Co Ltd (The History Press). It is currently out of print but may be available second-hand.

Bolsover castle, town and colliery

By Philip Riden and Dudley Fowkes

Published as part of the England’s Past for Everyone project, this is an illustrated paperback of 198 pages.

The book looked at Bolsover, its castle, settlement and industry. It was published in 2008 by Phillimore & Co Ltd (The History Press).

This book is currently out of print but may be available second-hand.

Derbyshire VCH volume I

This volume was edited by William Page and was first published in 1905.

It includes the following contents:

  • Natural History
    • Early Man
  • Romano-British Remains
  • Anglo-Saxon Remains
  • Early Christian Art
  • Introduction to the Derbyshire Domesday
  • Text of the Derbyshire Domesday
  • Ancient Earthworks
  • Forestry
  • Index to the Derbyshire Domesday

The full text is available via the Internet Archive (Opens in new window)

Derbyshire VCH Volume II

This volume was edited by William Page and was first published in 1907.

The contents include parish histories of:

It includes the following contents:

  • Ecclesiastical history
  • Religious houses
  • Political history
  • Social and economic history
  • Schools
  • Sport ancient and modern
  • Agriculture
  • Industries (Lead mining, coal mining, iron, hardware, silver and other minerals, hosiery, lace, textiles, pottery)

Part of this volume is available via British History Online (Opens in new window)

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