Get involved with research

All our publications depend on new research, academically backed, but with lots of input from volunteers. On this page you can find out more about how to get involved with researching for VCH.

The VCH aims to complete authoritative, encyclopaedic histories of each parish from the earliest archaeological records to the present day, as well as topics such as topography, landscape and the built environment. Our Derbyshire VCH volumes I and II were published over a century ago, whilst our volume III was published only a few years ago.

Our ‘handbook’ sets out the sources we use. It will also gives information on how to write your own parish history.

We are currently working on parishes in the Chesterfield area.

Our County Editor – Philip Riden – works primarily with our Chesterfield volunteer group. They normally meet on Wednesday evenings in Chesterfield Central Library, where they are able to pull on the extensive resources of the local studies collection there. A central part of the VCH research is the study of primary sources. This will involve examination at record offices and The National Archives of such things as manorial records, school log books and inspectors reports, business and religious records – in fact a wide range of sources. Our ‘Derbyshire Victoria County History Handbook’ details those we normally use.

If you would like more details on joining our friendly volunteer group please contact us. No experience is required. The group meets for about two hours every Wednesday in term time – but is currently suspended due to the Coronavirus.

Page last updated 10 March 2021.

Part of our Chesterfield volunteer group at work.