Hasland Locomotive Sheds

Hasland Locomotive sheds were a bit of a sticking point when Chesterfield wanted to extend its boundaries in the 1920s. Hasland parish council were concerned about loss of rates. Our photographic panorama here, from 3 July 1960, is of the shed, using a number of photos, pieced together and retouched, all by the late Chris Hollis, who was a fireman there.

The roof was progressively removed from the 1950s due to subsidence. The sheds, originally built by the Midland Railway, opened in 1875 and closed in October 1964.

Until 19th-century boundary changes, the township (later civil parish) of Hasland included not just what people think of as Hasland today but also Corbriggs and Winsick, Grassmoor, Birdholme and the St Augustine’s end of Boythorpe.

This year, we’re hoping to publish a history of Hasland, near Chesterfield. This will be the first authoritative account of the community.

We’ll tell the story of how the separation happened and of the communities comprising the historic parish of Hasland. The book will include the combined efforts of many hours of work by our Chesterfield volunteer research group and by our VCH county editor Philip Riden.